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RF & Laser Hair Regrowth Comb BP-206


  1. Replaceable lotion tank, easy for washing;
  2. Laser can easily penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  3. layer,directly stimulate the body meridians;
  4. EMS stimulate scalp and promote blood circulation;
  5. RF: stimulate collagen regeneration for hair follicle repairing;
  6. Vibration for scalp massage;
  7. Red LED promote collogen rebirth and repair hair follicle
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  • Weight:252G
  • Product Size:85MMx85MMx85MM
  • Working Environment:5-40℃
  • Power:7W
  • Blue Ligth Wavelength:465±3NM
  • Red Ligth Wavelength:625±3NM
  • RF Frequency:1MHZ
  • Vibration frequency:9500r/60S



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