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3 in 1 Skincare Revolution System BP-1803


  1. 42℃ warm massage,promote HSP protein produce, anti wrinkle and pigmentation.Repair injured cell and DNA and enhance skin elasticity
  2. LED lights therapy.Red light(625±3nm): Whitening, lightening spots
  3. Infrared Red light(850±3nm):promoting cell vitality, firming skin,resisting aging
  4. USB charging, easy and convenient
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  • Model Number:BP-1803
  • Power Supply:AC100-240V, 50/60HZ;DC5V
  • Weight(main device):138g
  • Weight(base):87g
  • Size(main device):190(L)*50(W)*60(H)mm
  • Size(base):85(L)*80(W)*60(H)mm
  • Timer:15 minutes
  • Charging time:150minutes
  • Battery life:10times use after full charged
  • Wave length:Red 650-665nm,
  • Infrared845-855nm
  • Heating massage:42℃±2℃



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